Latest trends in concrete floors

 trends in concrete floors

When people hear the words “concrete floors,” they generally think of a garage, a warehouse or maybe even a prestigious museum or an art show room. Very few people think of concrete flooring being an element in someone’s home. However, concrete flooring is a home décor trend that is currently on the rise and gives homeowners another flooring option that provides a wide variety of benefits.

The benefits of concrete flooring include:

• Sustainability
• Low maintenance
• Low cost
• Long lasting
• Versatile

There are so many different styles of concrete floors that can be implemented into your home. Whether you like the look of grey concrete floors or you prefer to have a more cosy feeling in your home, this type of flooring can be manipulated in a variety of ways to fit whatever style you are seeking.

Additionally, this type of flooring is something that can be installed by yourself, without the added cost of a contractor; thereby making this flooring option not only beneficial for your time, but for your wallet as well.

We will walk you through the advantages of installing concrete floors as well as highlight some of the most popular trends with this style of flooring, ensuring that it will fit with the décor in your home!

If the wood or carpet flooring in your home is worn down and you are looking for a new yet affordable way to re-do your flooring, concrete is the perfect sustainable option for you! Many homes have concrete floors hiding underneath any existing flooring, making it the easiest fix your home has seen!

By simply removing that old flooring and showing your concrete some love, you have mastered the art of creating the most sustainable flooring in your neighbourhood!

Do you have a lot of spills in your home, or have pets that constantly leave scratches on your floor? If you have concrete flooring, there’s no need to be concerned!

Unlike most flooring options, concrete is very low maintenance, especially for those with a big family or those who are animal lovers. You won’t have any problems if something spills or scratches the floor. Concrete floors are easy to clean and do not show scratches as prominently as tile or wood does.

the majority of concrete floors are free of cost as they are usually hiding under your existing carpet or hard wood. Meaning that the only cost you have to take on is buffing it up a bit! The cost to gloss or acid stain your concrete floor ranges between $2 to $6 per square foot, making this the most inexpensive, yet stylish, flooring option for your home!

nothing can withstand wear and tear like good, old fashioned concrete. This is by far the sturdiest flooring option you can choose and it is more resistant to stains, scratches and nicks than any other flooring!

Whether your home is a high traffic area or not, durability is key when it comes to choosing an item that is such an integral part for your home.

Many people think that with concrete floors, there is only one option when it comes to how it will look: flat and grey. We are here to tell you that there are endless options when it comes to the design of concrete floors! Anything from glossing, to acid staining, to texturizing can be accomplished with concrete and it can be done quickly with very little cost.

Concrete floors can be changed to match any type of décor for any type of home!

since concrete floors are so versatile, there are a number of trends that are dominating this flooring scene. There is a trend that will fit with every family and every home, guaranteeing that you can find something that works perfectly for you!

The trends we will highlight include:

• Polished concrete
• Colourful concrete overlays
• Acid stained concrete

Polished Concrete
This simple look for concrete floors is the classic go-to. It’s a quick fix for your floor that has a minimal cost while simultaneously enhancing the décor of your home. Even though the most basic option for this is to stick with the grey, polished look, there are still many ways to go about polishing your floor.
This flooring update is something so simple, you can eliminate the hassle of hiring a contractor and do the update yourself!

Colourful Concrete Overlays
Adding colour overlays to your concrete floor is a way to take that extra step in really making the most out of it. Even though this process might take a little longer than simply putting a polish over the grey colouring, this option allows you more freedom to tailor the look of the concrete to the design of your home.

Colour overlays can be something as simple as making the colour of the concrete a cosy, or it can be something as lavished as adding in cuts and overlays that make the concrete look identical to tile!

Acid Stained Concrete
Acid staining your concrete is another way to take this flooring option up a notch. It is a unique and simple way to add a modern twist to the décor in your home. It is even easy enough to do it yourself!

The options with acid staining your floors are as endless as all the other options with decorating your concrete floors! Anything from cosy to modern can be achieved and any colour scheme can be matched, all at a low price.

With the amount of options and benefits that concrete floors provide, it’s no wonder why so many people are implementing it into their home and taking a few extra steps to truly make it theirs.

If you are looking at incorporating a new type of flooring into your home, considering concrete is a must. With the amount of money it saves and the perks it provides your home, there is no arguing that concrete is a great option for you.


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