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Interior Design for Bathroom: Creative Bathroom Design Ideas

Interior design for bathroom


Interior design for bathroom

Interior design for your bathroom

Beautify Your Home with Our Custom Bathroom Designs

If you are looking to create something extraordinary, then perhaps a bespoke solution is for you. Just Bathrooms is adept at working with any budget and specific situation to create the most beautiful custom bathrooms in the city. We promise to deliver a stunning result for both contemporary and classic bathrooms.

Working with us allows our customers access to the most cutting edge modern design, colour and material trends from South Africa and around the world. Together we can offer fantastic contemporary, modern designs that will suit your specific requirements.

We will work with you from the outset, to help realise your dream, or inspire you with ideas on how to transform your home.

Our designer bathrooms meet all of your needs

We specialise in providing custom solutions tailored for your unique home, needs and goals. Whether you are looking to refresh a small or large space, or are seeking classic or modern styling, we can deliver on your expectations. Our team of skilled designers will work with you to realise your bathroom design ideas for your home.

We can help you refurbish and upgrade your existing space or build a completely new one. Whatever you need and whatever your budget, we have the solution for you. From small renovations of classic spaces to the latest, most modern custom builds, we have the expertise to handle them all.

Discuss your bathroom design ideas with us today

Whether you’re looking to sell your property, or simply want to rejuvenate a tired-looking house, building a designer bathroom is a great way to add financial value to your home and improve the experience of anyone living in it.

One of South Africa’s Most Skilled Bathroom Design Companies

Reinvent your home. We have become renowned as the best bathroom renovation company in South Africa, because we offer our clients a variety of packages tailored to suit their specific needs and budgets.

If you prefer a traditional design and have a small bathroom to work with, our Classic package is just what you are looking for. It will provide you with exceptional solutions that suit a smaller area and budget.

Our team of specialists can discuss all your options with you and incorporate your ideas and expectations into the design. For bathroom makeovers of every size and complexity, you can have confidence in us. We offer quality customer service and excellent craftsmanship.


When you decide to work with one of the top renovation companies, you can be sure to receive a complete redecoration or construction of the highest standards.

The room in the picture depicts the level of finishes in some of the Classic bathroom designs that JBR has created. A typical Classic bathroom is approximately 2.0m x 2.0m.

Using only the most well-crafted, modern fittings combined with the most professional workmanship from our Interior Design, our design company builds only the very best spaces that add value and convenience to any home.

Professional bathroom renovations by a leading design and build team

Discover what your home could be with our help. Realise your vision for a more functional, beautiful property with one of the most talented renovations companies in the city.

Our services are priced to be accessible for everyone. Even a small bathroom can benefit from a visit from us. Let us bridge the gap between your ideas and reality. Our professional bathroom renovation company can help you revitalise a stale décor while adding financial value to your property on any budget.

Budget for the renovation?

How much will my new bathroom cost, from the initial planning, design, decoration and installation?

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the most expensive room in any home, house or commercial premises to renovate.

Today’s consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to fittings, fixtures and finishes for their bathroom or in many cases multiple bathrooms and this means almost every budget can be accommodated

Setting the budget is the first item that should be addressed when planning any bathroom renovation.

This will act as a guide throughout the selection process and will ensure your interior designer is able to maximize your budget. 

Functional requirements of the bathroom?

It is important to consider how you will use the bathroom on a daily basis.

What is the main reason why you want to renovate your existing bathroom? Are you looking for more space or perhaps a more functional bathroom floor plan? Do you just want a new look and modern bathroom fixtures? Perhaps there are issues with leaks or hazards you need to address?

Who will use the newly renovated bathroom?

This information is useful when establishing your specific functional requirements and determines what kind of features and materials you may need to incorporate.

For example a child’s bathroom will have different needs to a couple’s ensuite.

Bathroom design and decoration?

It is important that the look of your bathroom complements the rest of the home as this will ensure continuity as your move from one space to another, so think about the style of your home or premises.

Draw inspiration from magazines, websites, articles and collect pictures, notes or articles on things you like or that interest you.

Compile a wish list. List all the things you would like to have included in your new bathroom or ensuite.

Remember it’s the responsibility of the interior designer or decorator to deliver a bathroom design that reflects your personal style and taste as well as your individual and family’s functional requirements. Therefore there is no need to go to great efforts to gather this information.


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